Monday, January 18, 2010

No war..

Barrington Levy:
We dont make trouble, we dont make war.
Everyday we war, back we stay afar.
If we deal with truth and rights, come some more into my sight.
Whether your black or whether your white.
See all im trying to do is just get on with my life.
The children are the future, so give them a try.
Stop the senseless killing.
Aye you people, your backs against the wall.
They way that we are living, we are bound to fall.
Why dont we get together and tear down the walls.....

As I look to the floor, I saw the nines in reach.
But if I do what im thinkin, than whos left to teach?
My people my community, theres no immunity.
War spreadin like the plague, discouraging unity.
So I pray to the sky light for Jah Jah to bless, we under stress.
But intelligence and onelove is how we progress.

Dear Jah/God/Allah, Help. Onelove, Hali lee.

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