Friday, December 10, 2010


Lmaooooo.  Im laughing but this is some serious shit.  My girl Sewit posted this on my wall and I just HAD to post it here.  It stemmed from a status-convo about womens foolishness, the comments went on but heres a few: "God made woman beautiful and foolish - beautiful because that man might love her and foolish because that she might love him." "This status speaks to us women who decide to love what we know is wrong, but we overlook certain things in the name of love hoping that it will have our back when we fall, but nothing has your back except for yourself you feel me? Men are not foolish in this particular sense because they still do what they do and we go back to them. Fool me once, shame on you...fool me twice shame on the saying goes right? Men are just selfish and we should recognize the signs before committing our souls to them...and this doesnt go to the rare good men out there." and my response was: "The complexity of this topic is overwhelming but I agree with everything you have said. I would also like to add the idea of women being attracted to this asshole selfish stereotype of a man that we encounter so often, which doesnt help the situation at all because I think alot of the time men are like this when we meet them, we are just so blinded like you say by love, lust, hope, naivete whatever it may be. Instead women need to focus on loving themselves so much until one day a man will come that loves you more than you love yourself...which until then you never thought possible. Thats the love women deserve. I think men take women and love for granted because we give it up so freely without so much as respect in return sometimes. And if you think about it, alot of these "issues" with women can be broken down and brought back to a man....that father who wasnt around to teach his daughter how she deserves to be loved. Which continues to happen becuase young girls are now having babies to keep bad men. The world is fucked up."


  1. I agree with this to an extent. I'd say that people can be selfish, not just some of these men. And I don't believe that good men are rare. I see good men all over the place. They are only rare if you only give bad men your time and energy.

  2. But how do you know a "good man" when you see one? You're a grown male, do you consider yourself a good man? And whatever your answer is, some women would agree and some would disagree.

    Its about the idea of the stereotypes they discuss in the video, its not all mens fault for being that way...they do it cuz we love it! And then we complain about it.....but then we dont give "good guys" the time of day.

    I am personally dealing with this. I realize as I am getting older, a good job is becoming more and more of a turn-on....however all the loves in my life have been dangerous, unstable and risky...but to me thats hot. Not the whole bummy thing anymore, but I still find myself more attracted to the rough-around-the-egdges man rather than the polite welldressed, boss-pleasing man.

  3. I know them by their actions. I think I'm a good dude but I make mistakes and sometimes make bad decisions. I can be dangerous, unstable, and risky. A "man-child" lol.

    I feel you. I don't like the uber-polite, well-dressed, and boss-pleasing dudes either cuz a lot of the time, they don't have any soul and personality. They are followers