Friday, January 22, 2010

Broken intimacy..

Sex. Sexual intercourse. Love making. Fucking. Gettin it oooon. Whatever you wanna call it. Sexual intercourse. Noun. Genital contact, esp. the insertion of the penis into the vagina, followed by orgasm.

So the inspiration for this post is my frustration with people using the word "slam" in refrence to sex. Like really, if your sex is "slamming" into eachother, youre doing it wrong. The definition of "slam" is to shut forcefully and noisily. How does that come anywhere near in relation to the act of sexual intercourse. Whether your sex is closer to making love, or just fucking.. its still a far cry from slamming.

Society has stripped sex of its natural light. It is now this casual act between people, that spreads disease and negative feelings (jealousy, envy, lust, etc..). I believe sex was created for many reasons. Obviously the main reason being reproduction, but it also has many other benifits that add to our health and happiness. Sex is healthy, it is great excercise - for both strength and cardio. It also reduces stress, orgasming has been proven to be a neccessary part of a healthy lifestyle (yay for that one!). Masturbation is also healthy, although its still a taboo subject in this day lol.... I like to quote Gerald Butler from The Ugly Truth when he says (paraphrased) "If you wouldnt want to fuck yourself, why would anyone else want to." That right there makes so much sense to me. Similar to the idea of being content with yourself and being alone (if you dont enjoy your own company, why would you expect other people to enjoy your company?)...

Besides reproduction and health benifits, sex has way more to offer us than just that. Another reason would definitly be the desire to show one another something special, something saved for them and none other. A way of expressing love, passion and attraction for another person. Call it a declaration of love if you will, but in todays day people are spreading that love so thin, that its barely holding on by a thread.

I always preach, spread the love. What I mean by that is not have lots of sex but to spread the energy of love. Energy is what makes this world go round, and we need to channel all that love and other positive feelings and generate more love in the world. Be kind, be compassionate. And dont judge people because you never know what they've been through. Dont spread your legs for love, keep them closed and you will feel the real love begin to form from within. And the most important thing about love, is to love yourself. Love yourself so much, that you overflow with love... only then will you truly have love to share with others.

So here are a few links id like to share that relate..
First, is a song by Rhianna. I try not to support main stream entertainment, but every once in awhile something catches my ear.... so this song to me, represents the flow of making love. it starts slow and sweet, and consistently gets more intense and full of passion until the end.... the end is an intense orchestration of atleast 8 instruments; representing the climax.
Second is a song I am sure everyone has heard, called Sex by Lyfe Jennings. This song is real talk.
And heres a little eye candy for the ladies that like dark skin. So sweet.
And ofcourse, last but not least a little soul music curtosey of Marvin Gaye.
Lets get it ooon:
When a man loves a women.

If you love someone, tell them! You never what tomorrow may bring.
Good night world. Hope you enjoyed. Make love. xoxo
Hali Lee - warrior princess of passion?! (lol)

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