Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Livin like were bulletproof..

Dear Diary,

My life is full of demons. How do I rid my mind of all these distractions and disturbances. To find a place of peace and serenity. Time moves to fast in America. Mainstream music, entertainment and media are full of corruption and subliminal messaging. How do we live in this world and avoid these comings, how do we protect the youth. Generations are getting dumber and more conformable. I feel like I am constantly in connection with and surrounded by technology. My blackberry, computer, TV, MP3 player, etc.. I don't spend nearly enough time laying in the grass or on the beach just watching the clouds, just listening to the beat of the music. Reconnecting with myself, deep in thought. Bringing my mind back to a simpler place, full of love and genuineness. The place I want to be may be far away but I vow to never stop my pursuit of happiness.

We are livin like were bullet proof even though we are surrounded by war and corruption. Look around, turn on the news, watch movies. You see how in movies the show the media saying one thing, while disaster is near... they are telling us only what they want us to know; promoting ignorance in the worst way. Open your eyes and see the lies in our world..

We all have the power to spread positivity and to eliminate negativity. If human nature is to seek pleasure and avoid pain, why do so many people thrive off violence and hate? If there is more than enough of everything in the world to go around, why is it that there are people starving while wars are being financed all over the world? At what point in history did this happen, when did life become disposable?

"They say tomorrows not promised today, but today I promise, if we dont make our own way somebody will take it from us, snatch it like rats to cheese. So Lord help me please cuase id rather die on feet than to live on my knees." - Ludacris

Take in this video.. if it results in a shift in mental awareness in even one person, this whole blog has been worth it. Thanks for reading and I wish everyone a prosperous and blessed 2010!

One Love,

Hali Lee

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