Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I don’t care what any other guy looks like or how big his equipment is. If he cant make the room and the world disappear, if he cant make magic pulse into you through his fingertips and give you the impression its never going to stop, then he cant make heat radiate from a place inside you that you didn’t know existed. Make you yearn for his controlling slow soft touch to float across your attentive skin till your so warm and your skin is so awake and tingling you wonder if you will pass out or if you have ever been more awake. Bringing you to reach up to a new out of body experience, a new plane of living in the moment. Intense true pleasure comes from your mind and in so many ways he gives me that. Its a slow process and we need to end up with knowledge of each other and an intimacy frequency that removes the selfishness and the practicality of nerve endings and their hunger. We need to desire, to passionately desire to give. When giving seems like its the most obvious way a to RECIEVE pleasure, that’s when a moment of waiting to be touched, waiting blindfolded and breathing heavily waiting in a room that’s about to be sweaty and so hot you can taste it waiting with a thirst that makes you whimper waiting for that moment can last forever. That forever where your body tenses and you know what’s coming...

do you want to feel more ?

I picture us seeing each other from across a dark club. The music is pounding and the lights are moving to the beat. The dance floor is filled from wall to wall with people, all dressed to impress each other and everyone’s really feeling this parties energy. The bodies and faces of drunken girls and boys have a thin glimmer of sweat as they move their hips and grind their bodies to the sound of their favorite music. Our eyes lock into each others and we feel the room go silent. We hold each others gaze as the room fades away and a hunger rises inside. Slowly, through the tangle of sexy bodies, we make our way towards each other. Breathing gets deeper and heavier, cutting a path through the crowd of dancers like two blazing fires. At the middle of the dance floor we meet. You part your lips, I open my mouth to speak, and as the music reaches a heart stopping crescendo, you grip me firmly by my waist and pull me into your body. Still holding eye contact, one of your hands moves up my back to the back of my head and tilts my waiting lips towards yours. I am holding my breath. My body is stiff in anticipation, waiting for what I sense is coming next. The fire burns between us, our lips touch, soft and supple our sweet kiss is. The music plays on and our eyes close. The passion we feel from each other makes our own desires starts to rise and the dam holding it back bursts open, letting a rush of desire flood forth, we can no longer define where my body begins and yours ends. I feel your hard chest pressed up against me. You hold me firmly as our tongues and lips search and discover their newest addiction. Now we slowly pull away and looking at each other, once more we dive back into each other with the same passion only more softly this time, more teasingly. My lips dance kisses on yours pulling back only to catch my breath as you move your lips back and forth softly, like warm air, caressing my sensitive waiting plush pink lower lip. You suck it softly in to your mouth and taste it between your own…..

If you could do anything right now and totally set your inhibitions aside, really feel your hedonistic side and allow yourself to feel unjudged and free, what would you want to do ?

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