Tuesday, March 2, 2010

We are the world.

If all these people can come together and stand as one for a belief or cause worthy of standing, why is it so hard for regular people to come together.  Why cant people stand up together, why was it on MLK to do all that, and now people cant seem to anything except attack eachother. We are no different then the people of Haiti. We are the world, living on the same earth and under the same sun. Why cant we do this for the greater good of humanity? Our whole world is going to shit, why can we only help Haiti? I feel like this Haiti show is goin on a bit long... like there was an eath quake in Chilli this weekend.. did anyone even notice amid the chaos? Whats so special about Haiti? (Well first of all, that was no natural disaster. It was a man made sonic boom that was formed under the ocean. Second, Haiti has the next gold mine of oil hidden away under all that poverty. And third, Haiti has been in serious poverty for so many years, life isnt really that different for them. Why all of a sudden does everyone care so much?) I feel like this Haiti thing is a showcase to make the media (and their chosen representatives.. and when I refer to "them" I speak only of the illuuuuminati which is behind it all.) seem gracious and generous... when in reality its all a show to make regular people obey and follow. Dont get me wrong, I think its amazing what they've done here, I am just not buying it one hundred percent.


  1. I’m going to have to agree a million and seven percent. For a country whose social, economical and political structure is so unstable why would anyone think to make a change unless there was something in it for them? So this is my theory; The "Nati's" aka "Illuminati" aka the American Government saw an opportunity and took advantage of it. So they plant this sonic boom beneath one of the most poverty stricken countries in the world (Well known fact) blow them to bits and then try and turn around and get the WHOLE world to "help" aka "financially rape the rest of us".
    Now for some reason hundreds of photographers managed to make it to Haiti to make a million posters telling us to help Haiti. Now because we're humans, and we have hearts and we feel pain, we feed into the scheme. WE (collectively as a people) pour millions of dollars into Haiti's pockets (last I checked we were over 20million and that was maybe mid January)
    Now first of all, Haiti as a country has never seen anything close to 20million dollars US. So what they would do with ALL that money after they patch up the roads n build some new house is way beyond me. This is going to sound horrendous only because I’m half Haitian, but the ppl of Haiti have been conditioned to accept that kind of poverty for years! It’s nothing new to them.
    I'm glad you made the oil statement, because if people were paying attention to life they would have noticed that the gas prices jumped the day of the earthquake. There had to be something in it for the Americans.
    Now what’s going to happen is; with all the new money coming into the country, it will be easy for America to "rebuild" them a brand new Haiti without actually putting any funds into it, why? Because we will, right? So the new Haiti will be one with less violence (due to more law enforcement), one with a Starbucks on each corner, and 12 McD's within a 1/4mile radius. They're going to steal the gas of course or claim some kind of ownership (or a dictatorship) over the country. Remember they don’t ask they take. I can say 5 years from now we would never have known that Haiti had ever been a poverty stricken country.
    As for Chili, no one noticed only because of the Olympics, but I understand the point. They didn’t get much coverage; neither did Pakistan in 2005, Asia in 2004 and so forth. They tried something with New Orleans a while back, gave them a little bit of coverage, raised a little bit of money but apparently their plans failed, there was nothing “natural” about that disaster nor the one in Haiti.
    Concluding, we don’t have much of an option when it comes to their plan. The only thing that I believe will keep the people is what created the people and that’s love. It rules over everything and is the source of everything. It’s the only way.
    Sorry for the rant but I feel very strongly about that Haiti situation.

    Real Life Lady

  2. lol its ok, thats what the comment box is there for. Those are interesting points about the money factor and rebuilding Haiti into a money-making country using our money.
    The Olympics played a huge factor, but how sad is that that we dont care to watch if theres something better on.... I jus feel like Haiti has this special light shinin on them, and youre right it seems like New Orleans take two, except with their plan on point.
    And I feel you, spread the love teach the youth the power of love and hold on to faith of a better day. Thanks for the comment!