Monday, November 29, 2010

From Miller to Ford.

I ran into to our mayor David Miller after work the other day.  I had met him once before but not quite as up close and personal as this time.  We chatted for awhile, mostly about Rob Ford.  If you dont already know Rob Ford will be our new mayor as of December 1st.  My mother says I am destined for politics....but I think its just because I am so opinionated and open with my opinions.  Truth be told, I actually hate politics.  However, IF I ever got involved with politics it would be in defence of our beautiful city we call Toronto.  Funnily enough, on my birthday back in the day I went skating with Babara Hall and was on the front page of our local newspaper with her.  I wonder what type of encounter I might have with Rob Ford. I cant imagine it being a pleasant one..

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