Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bon Voyage Baby.

So my best friend finally left.  Her whole life she said on her 18 th birthday she was gonna jump out of a plane.... you know how we spent her 18th birthday? Yup, we spent it at the Skydiving School of Toronto up by Lake Simcoe..and as I waited on the ground for her to land with her parachute, I was so proud of her for sticking with her life plan.  Now she has left us as she said she would for Europe.  She is only going for a month but I am still gonna miss her soooo much and I am overwhelmed with pride and excitment for her and all her adventures to come.  She is going to Paris, Amsterdam, some other Dutch cities and is also stoping in Belgium somewhere and maybe even Italy.  Trust me to have shopping on my mind but I am lookin forward to her souviners from the LV Paris store ;) Above all, I hope she sees all that she wanted to and gets all the experiences she wanted from this trip....I hope she comes home fulfilled.

Through this experience I have gotten skype.  I never really had a reason for not getting it I just never really had a need for it.  But now as my friend travels to Europe I am in need.  We plan to skype while she is in a coffee shop in Amsterdam and she can show me what its like.  I tried it with the homie Faizel the other night, was suuper fun lol.  Skype name: karmacounts.

Halloween was goodtimes.  The pic is of my girl (the one going on the trip) and I, she was a pimp and I was well... you can see the pic (lets call it for the purpose of this blog "her other half").  I did not put this picture on facebook because it might be deemed "inappropiate" or just too hot for facebook.  But I dont mind putting it on here because I am not in the market for trying to appear appropiate or meet the social standards for any uptightrulemakers....for at the end of the day your opinions have no effect on my life, livlihood or self-concept.  With that being said, I also dont want to make any certain people uncomfortable on fb by showing them a photo that makes such a statement. A statement that perhaps makes them nervous or even intimidated or perhaps just makes them judge me (I have a love/hate respect for that becasue in one sense I like to make people uncomfortable and perhaps jump to unfair judgements based on boxed opinions or socially established boundaries because it forces them to think about the thoughts theyre thinking and in return reflect on themselves. But in another sense I think that sometimes their judgement may overpower the thinking and they might acutally think something less of me, not that it matters to me it is just a sad day for them when their own judgement defines them and they dont even realize). I also beleive in sexual empowerment and feminism, but thats a discussion for another day.

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