Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Signs and such..

I have never been HUGE on astrology or zodiac signs and shit but I have a few friends who are. I do love reading my horoscope, but I dont believe in just reading any random one from the newspaper, I feel like im being tricked by some dumb idiot (prolly the same guy who writes the fortunes inside the cookies, I got a fortune once that said "the world is big" - like how is that a fortune lol). Anyways, my friend Kiona put me on this site and I wanted to share with you...
Its called Created by Phil Booth, here is an article written about him.

So I started doing some research and learned many things about my signs and what they say about me (most characteristics seem very accurate). I am a Capricorn (Dec 22 to Jan 19) which means Sea-goat or mountain-goat.  Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn which means what idk yet... lol. We tend to be compatible with others caps, virgos or taurus (because they're all Earth signs). Capricorn is an Earth sign, the earth sign is considered a negative, introvert, feminine sign. Capricorn is a transpersonal sign meaning we are principally aware of and concerned with humanitarian and existential concerns (rather than societal or individual concerns). Capricorn is a cardinal sign which is associated with initiation, creativity and leadership

I was born in the year of the year of the Rabbit (Yin, 4th Trine, Fixed Element Wood), my specific year is also associated with the fire element. The Rabbit is also ascociated with the colour green (my eyes), the direction east and the season of spring (my favourite, what a coincidence lol ).  The time of the rabit is 5am - 7am...

Im gonna be honest and say I dont really get it what it all means. Like I understand that where the planets were lined up when you were born plays a huge part in who you are, personality wise.. I actaully know someone who was born on the same day, same year as me....I am curious to get to know her to see if she is just like me! Lol.. is that how it works? Wouldnt mind some light shed..

WOW was today ever beautiful, 17 degrees in March! The beaches in Toronto were packed today, but I managed to find a nice spot. Hope to see some more sun tomorrow! One love. Hali Lee.


  1. EARTH SIGNS (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn)-- The Earth signs show propriety. They are conventional, proper and fitting. They follow what is socially acceptable in conduct, behavior and speech. They have excellent manners and are very polite. They are prudent and have a deep regard for conventional rules of behavior. The Earth signs by nature are merchants. They are the storekeepers, barterers and traders. They are at their best when buying or selling material or tangible commodities. Most are very business oriented. The Earth signs have a physical nature. They have a characteristic love for the material, tangible things. They derive pleasure from sensory stimulation such as taste, smell and feel. They surround themselves with tangible items such as fine furniture, art, jewelry and most have a nice home that is expertly decorated. They have good taste in clothing and most are connoisseurs of food and drink. The Earth signs' emotions are aroused by sensory stimulation. Each of the five senses can produce an emotional response. Sight, sound, touch, smell and taste brings joy or depression. Nice surroundings, good music, the feel of quality materials, the smell and taste of good foods and financial security are the conditions required for an emotionally happy Earth sign. The Earth signs are normally not prone to physical violence, but as in any situation, there are exceptions. They are mildly revengeful. Their attitude is 'my time will come and they do hold a grudge. They will eventually get their revenge one way or another more often by hitting a person in his pocketbook. When angered, Earth signs, similar to the Fire and Air signs, are quick to express that anger verbally though most likely not physically unless as a last resort. (Taken from Wikipedia)

  2. All incredibly like me. I am very proper and polite (in public) and I know my place in society. I have a very deep regard for rules of behaviour when it comes to moral and values and treating ppl with diginity/respect/equality/compassion/etc and loyalty. I love stuff, my apartment is always decorated nicely. My surroundings make a difference in my mood. Good music, art, food, nice clothes etc make me happy. I am not prone to physical violence but cross me and I can cut you with my words so deep you wish I stabbed you. (Lol, just kidding, that was me 5 years ago, not anymore!). Make love not war!