Wednesday, February 24, 2010


So. I fiiinally went to see Avatar in 3D yesterday.... the thrill of the movie still hasnt worn off.  Now dont mistake, I am a movie junkie.. I watched this movie with my boy Junia mooooonths ago on bootleg, and while he was really into the story.. I kinda of got distracted from the story due to very my high expectations of the graphics (which of course didnt live up on bootleg). The movie was amaaazing in theatres though, defintily the best movie experience of my life and at the end of it all I felt so good. Totally worth the ridiculous price (but we got free popcorn and pop cuz it was Tuesday... boooooooya!) and the mild headache/dizziness I got from the 3D glasses. Otherwise, it was perfect!

And uummmm yeah, fuck Pocohontas.  This movie was so much more than that.  The story line was obviosuly similar but the concepts they touched on were more than just falling in love and taking native land.  The idea of using the tree of Eywa to heal is so powerful to me.  By sitting (on the ground, which is vital for meditation of any kind... connects your spirit with the earth) around the tree all together and holding arms (connects the energy of each to create a much more powerful energy of the whole), swaying back and forth.......they are CHANNELING their energy. If you know me, you might be sick of hearing about energy by now but this movie really drew a beautiful picture of hows its done.  When people come together with good vibes, it creates more good vibes.... the more you focus and concentrate on the energy, the more powerful it becomes.

The concept of connecting with the animals and the earth is very real.  The concept of the forbiden love...wasnt reeeeallly THAT forbidden, there was one scene where they showed that the love bond from the Eywa had already happened and some were displeased, but after that all was well. Hardly what I call a plot line.. lol.  The first Na'Vi scene where he starts to run is very real as well....think about what that must feel like.  The whole concept of destroying life for money is so real too.  It is so sad, but chances are if this situation were to present itself in this day, chances are wed be blowing them the fuck away too.............. [Money is the root of most evil, organized religion handles the rest.] It breaks my heart to say such an awful thing, but as it is right now, the negative energy in this world is going alot stronger in the most powerful than the posivitive.  The concepts of the bonds between animal and The People are all oriented around energy, connecting the energies of two to become one... a much more powerful, bonded energy. The movie was just wonderful, an inspiration to the life we should be leaning towards. SKY PEOPLE TAKE NOTES.

The director of this movie had the idea for it since the early 90's but the technology just wasnt developed enough yet for his vision. He is also the director of the movie Titanic, which speaks for itself.  The acting in this movie is also something to talk about. My particular favourite would be that of the leading lady Zoe Saldana who played Neytiri.  The scene where she is over her fathers body definitly was intense, amongst many others.... You really feel the intensity of what The People stand for and believe in from the actors acting abilities.  Although, I am suprised they didnt have a scene where Neytiri dives off a rock into the waterfall, that would have added some Pochahontas to it for real lol. All in all, movie was done very well and I am a HUGE fan (I am not one of those, Lord Of The Rings, HP, Twilight fanatics... just Avatar.).

"It is hard to fill a cup that is already full." - Mo'at

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