Sunday, February 14, 2010

To love or not to love..

Sometimes I really wonder - Is it really better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all?  I read a quote today on twitter (retweeted by @RevRunWisdom) sayin "Those who fight 4 love over and over and get hurt are betta off then those who give up and neva know what couldve happened." Is this true? I really hope this is true..

I am hopelessly devoted to love, in all its forms. I am a lover, not a fighter. And I have the upmost desire to not participate in the hurting of others.... But somehow I keep hurting, seemingly at the expense of not hurting others. Or maybe I just need to accept that certain people will never change.  One must have compassion for others. I have compassion for all but especially those who hide behind their insecurities and fears. I have compassion, I have compassion...

I dont think the statement "fight for love" is the right choice of words, maybe "never give up on" or "keep standing up for"..but fighting should not be apart of love. Fight means battle, struggle or angry argument. I dont want anything to do with all that. I want to love, to love endlessly; relish in faithfullness and devotion.  I want that all or nothing love. Not the "cant live without" love but the type of love that doesnt know anything else.  That moment you meet someone and your life will never be the same kinda love. That kinda love that makes your heart skip a beat and the world around you disappears kinda love. The kind of love that makes a man tell all his friends hes found the one kinda love. That love that no matter what happens you know youre gonna get through.

Is it better to go through life not being hurt but not loving.. or is it better to feel both the pain and the love? Atleast that way you know youre alive. I feel pain inflicted by others cruel intentions all the time. I feel the pain of people who are going through things, when it doesnt even have anything to do with me. I dont choose to feel, I just do. In my head I question what it all means but in my heart I know that I would never trade my sensitivity and compassion for a cold heart. It hurts me just thinking about hurting someone. I dont overstand at all how people hurt people..

One of the scariest things in life might be giving your heart to someone, not knowing if you`ll end up hurt. I am a firm believer that honesty and trust go hand in hand; you cannot have one without the other. Without honesty, trust cannot be present and without trust a relationship cannot grow. To be able to give your heart to someone you must be honest with them and trust them. I found a quote by Mother Theresa saying "If you love until it hurts, youll feel no more hurt, just more love." How much hurting must you take before it stops hurting and turns to love. That is the concept I am working with here, no matter how much hurt I feel, I will continue to dish out nothin but love and positivity...until eventually (ideally) that hurt will turn into a feeling love for all eternity. Love so much it hurts, until it doesnt hurt anymore...... hmmmmmmmm, I am not sure I have fully grasped this yet. But yet, even after all the pain, giving my heart to someone is still an option...for the possibility of eternal love is way more intriguing to me than the gauruntee of living a life without love.

This brings us to our final topic in relation to love and pain. The dreaded day women all over the world feel inadequate if they are without a lover. The day men get anxiety attacks and stores make the quota for the rest of the year. Some call this day "Singles Awareness Day" which makes sense, becuase if youre single you defintly become aware this time of the year. Just because you are single though, does not mean that noone wants you, it simply means you havent found the right person yet. There is nothing depressing about this. Learn to love yourself everyday of your life and loving others will come easy. Do "you" the best you can and eventually someone will come along and want to turn that you into "us".... thats real talk.

Just have faith and feel the love around you even if noones there...
Embrace being alone and never allow love to get you down.
Rather than falling, choose to STAND IN LOVE FOR ALL ETERNITY.
thats where im headed.


  1. Aw hali, u really spoke to me right here damn lol. I myself am trying to disect that one..the quote by mother theresa..I understand itt but I don't thinkk I fully grasp it yet eitherr.. *shrugs*. But yea, thanks 4 that :) oh btw follow me on twitter: iamsp3cial

  2. Aw wolsely!! thanks, much love, respect.