Monday, April 19, 2010

Follow at your own risk..

So I do have to admit, I am addicted to Twitter.  Not in the same way I am hooked on facebook though, we have very different relationships....

Facebook is a social networking sight that allows you to post your entire life if you wish too. Everything from photos to age, from notes and videos to every single flavor of icecream you like if you wantes.  That little line that says "whats on your mind" was an oh so powerful and influential piece to facebook....and that is where Twitter takes over.  Facebook is great for blasting your life to other people who may or may not wanna know (just becuase someone is on your list dont mean you got swap stories) but Twitter is optional.... kind of like this blog.  If you are sittin here reading this (thank you!!!) that means you are CHOOSING to read my words, similar to Twitter where someone chooses to follow you and hear what you have to say. 

Facebook is a headache that is so damn addictive, I have to close my account sometimes cuz I get too wrapped up in the excitement of everyone elses life.  BACK AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER lol... Its sucking the life out of us, while we bask in the "enjoyment" we think we are getting from it.  Not to say Twitter isnt, but I much prefer Twitter because of that optional element. (To be honest there are certain people on my fb I couldnt care less about, but given who they are it would be rude to not accept them.... uughh shitfacebook.). I choose to follow people on Twitter becuase I wanna stay on top of whats goin on within Toronto and/or I feel enriched on a daily basis by what they have to say. Please beleive if something big has happened in this city, ill find out hella fast through someones postings if not a mass of everyone posting the same thing lol.  I do not follow celebs unless they are speaking words of wisdom, but I do follow everyone from Toronto (Much, Flow, David Miller, etc...rappers/songstresses/artists of all types, and ofcourse all my homies).

Twitter is an awesome way to express those random thoughts that hit you during different hours of the day or night, that you feel the need to get off your chest (however, it is NOT THERAPY, so keep your bipolar rollercoasters of emotions to yourself, its not a good look). It is also great for networking and promoting.....and basically keepin people updated of what youre doin (which is relativly pointless if youre jsut a normal person, but for an artist tryna build a buzz and a following its great).  For the sake of your sanity though, you do not need to have constant notifications on your phone everytime someone tweets, that would drive anyone mad.  Rather, I check Twitter on MY terms, when I want to..on the subway perhaps, waiting in line somewhere or just bored anywhere. 

So for those of you who post a hundred statuses a day on facebook, GET TWITTER and stop annoying everyone with your babbling lol.... this way if I wanna hear it, ill follow! Oh btw, speakin of babbling FOLLOW ME @KARMACOUNTS !!

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