Friday, March 9, 2012


Its one thing to not support someones effort or struggle, but its a whole other thing to spend your energy putting it down.  So what if you think KONY 2012 is a bad plan, a waste of energy/money or not the right steps or direction to go in......MAKE YOUR OWN PLAN AND LEAVE THEIRS ALONE.  Honestly, some people go from lazy living to all of sudden knowing better than everyone else.  You haven't done shit for anyone other than yourself ever but now you wanna tell us why we shouldn't support someone who is trying help the world.  You have the right to your opinion yes but sit the fuck down and whisper. 

And all this bullshit about the world being brainwashed by youtube videos is ridiculous.  If it honestly took you this long to realize that, you are really slow.  I am not being rude and I am just stating an unfortunate reality.  Brainwashing has been going on through mainstream news, media, religion, music, entertainment, porn, etc for hundreds of years if not longer.  So to say now that we are dumb for believing this KONY 2012 video is just ridiculous.  Start with Lil Wayne, Disney and The Bible....end with the little people who are trying to make the world a better place (whether or not you think they're doing it the right way, that's not for you to judge).  

Not to mention, some girl makes a YouTube video saying why the KONY 2012 movement inst real and everyone hops sides and calls everyone else stupid and brainwashed for believing it.... yet YOU are watching a YouTube video (by a girl who we know NOTHING about) and believing that source is better... who's brainwashed and dumb now?! Really tho..  I would rather look like a fool trying to help than a fool trying to hop sides out of insecurity that they could be wrong.  

At the end of the day, any cause that brings humanity together through compassion strengthens the bonds of humanity.  And that bond, is the only thing that will save us from this world (monster) we have created.  

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