Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sexuality. Part Uno.

When it comes to sexuality, naturally I have so many questions. Are you born a way and stay that way? Is it set in stone? Can your sexuality change over time or do you just realize it over time? Can you choose anything relating to sexuality? Are you born gay/lesbian? Can you ignore it? Can you choose it? Are societys teachings healthy or harmful? This topic has many different elements I would like to touch on, so bare with me while I try to keep shit organized.

I have a friend who is convinced you arent born gay, he thinks you are born straight but then due to some childhood event/trauma, you become homosexual.  This same friend also touched on the idea that IF we are born that was, maybe it is a deformity in our genes during growth. So basically saying, homosexuality is a birth defect.  As bad as it may sound, its plausible....not in the way of it being wrong, but jus the same way, women are born in mens bodies and vice versa.  Or just like some people are born different.

I have another friend who swears by the idea that sexuality is written in creation and it is what is... and always will be.  She thinks we are who we are from birth, we can choose to face it, deny it or embrace it.  There are many gay women in her family, which makes me think maybe it does have something to do with genetics?! But what do I really know about genetics right?  Right.  Moving right along..

I happen to know for a fact that there are millions of gay men out there that would give up their dicks to be straight. So many men who dont want to be gay, wish they werent and hate themselves becuase of it - so that makes me think you dont get to choose or change it. Otherwise people would just mould themselves to fit the social groups they want to be apart of, rather than finding the people who fit with them naturally.  So many religions and cultures condemn homosexuality to be a sin/worst possible life.  And yet, millions of Christian, Jamaican men are born gay everyday.  So is it fair we all agree we dont get to choose your sexuality?
With that being said, I am going to continue with some shit that happened today, that "bothered me" lets say.... A friend, on facebook, added a pic of her close friend sleeping half naked in bed with a caption saying something like "this is what I get to cuddle with everyday."  Now thats cool, a bit invasive to the privacy of the half naked sleeping friend, but thats not my business.  The caption was even cool, shes proud and thats dope.  However, she then posted a tweet/status that said "Lesbian is so in right now" !!!! WTF?!?!?!?!?!?  I mean this has been gwanin in the city for awhile now (like years, shes way behind) the whole lesbian trend, girls on girls, society supports it more now, almost everyone likes it (even most straight women are oddly cool with two women together).  The "black lesbian community" is LARGE in the city of Toronto and I think thats fuckin DOPE.
But whatever happened to just being who we truly are?! We used to hide our homosexual thoughts because of society, now we are advertising and fakin the funk for social status and attention?? Alot of girls will say they like girls but would never ever put their tongue on a what do you like about girls?? Oh thats right, the attention (FROM MEN no less....SMH.)

I would like to end this post with a simple (yet ruffling) statement. I think most women like women but we also like men so we just do as were told by society and date men.  Perhaps somewhere in the last ten years, women have gotten fed up with the cheating, disrepctful BS, ignoring, lack of compassion, emtional emptiness, etc etc etc etc; even the good men are lame to some sort of womenly need.  Somewhere in there, we clued in (or finally gave in to a sort of last resort) and realized women have almost everything that men have to offer plus more (minus the pulsing and growing inside you, but a strap on will still hit that spot!)  All of sudden, ALL of our needs are met...some that men didnt even know exsisted....some that we never thought wed get fulfilled.  Its almost like we as women have dumbed down our needs to meet the capabilities of men.  We pick our needs like we pick our battles; only the most important and most demanding get the right attention at the right time. In a nutshell - the dick isnt worth the headache and heartbreak. 

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